Chapter 10

Greetings once again!

Finally, into the breach we go. How much further down the rabbit hole does our hero descend? Treachery and deceit lie in wait for him. Chapter 10 builds again for Rhyn (our hero) as more characters are introduced and brought into the fold, but who’s fold? Secret alliances are being made and plans put into action.

I’m sure some of you may just be stumbling across this blog right now and thinking, “what on earth is this guy smoking?” Welcome to those people and I don’t smoke. This is the blog for the Kingmaker Saga, a new book series I’m working on and you’ve come across the beginning of the first book as it is being written. The last few weeks I’ve had writers block and what I like to call “typing rage.” It’s not pleasant and can lead to effects such as losing your plot (your own and your books,) finding wild ideas and realising you’re making up things for the hell of it and finally, the ability to throw objects that are quite heavy, very far. Aside from that, the book is coming along nicely, I can’t say anything about the current state of the characters as quite a few have been introduced with many more still to come. Exciting isn’t it?

Well it is to me anyway.

I count myself lucky out of the very few, that I can have an active imagination to help get this book done and it makes it even better that as of tomorrow, I learn how much paid holiday I can take from work. Rumour has it that I have two weeks solid left to take before December.  So I’ll either be very productive with it or I’ll get cabin fever and run down the road screaming.

The following chapters of The Kingmaker Saga should keep me preoccupied though.

See you on the other side.



20,000 words

Greetings ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for an update on the Kingmaker saga! After a few weeks of writers block I have achieved the 20k word mark! Finally, a stepping stone to be proud of. As all of you probably know, a lot of work goes into writing a book including time, which is a luxury I don’t often have. When I do though, it’s spent crafting this world for everyone to enjoy and explore. Soon enough you’ll be able to follow the adventures of Rhyn in the land of Vikinsa, finding out his story and how everyone intertwines with him. It’s taken a long time for me to visualise the path that Rhyn will take, but thankfully it has all come together. In my head it has anyway, fingers have yet to type the whole story. I am incredibly excited to bring his story to you though, his story and the many others that exist in his world.

While I have been working on the story, I have also been working on the cover while I’ve had writers block, at least i’m being productive. I quite like it, but for me it’s also a little simple. It needs to be reworked in my opinion and I’ll be working on that at a later date now that I have my mind in gear with the direction I’m going in. It can be hard sometimes to keep a pace and piece plot points together but I have it right at the moment.

Now this is a saga, it’s going to be a long and arduous journey for our hero, he will be tested and I want all of you to be there by his side when his need is great. Follow him, his journey is just beginning.


Chapter 9

Hello world!

The saga continues or at least book one does. I’m officially on chapter 9 now with a strong build happening in the story.  I’m happy with the way the story is unfolding at the moment and as far as my beta reader is concerned, the pace is good as well. Okay, I know it’s not normal to have a beta reader this early into the process of writi g but I like to keep everything in check as much as possible.

I know its still early in the writing stages but it feels like the story is moving in the direction I want it to, this is unusual for me as I tend to bin entire chapters if they aren’t right, but so far, I havent had to do that. 

Im excited about this book and the characters stories. I hope you all will be too!