Chapter 10

Greetings once again!

Finally, into the breach we go. How much further down the rabbit hole does our hero descend? Treachery and deceit lie in wait for him. Chapter 10 builds again for Rhyn (our hero) as more characters are introduced and brought into the fold, but who’s fold? Secret alliances are being made and plans put into action.

I’m sure some of you may just be stumbling across this blog right now and thinking, “what on earth is this guy smoking?” Welcome to those people and I don’t smoke. This is the blog for the Kingmaker Saga, a new book series I’m working on and you’ve come across the beginning of the first book as it is being written. The last few weeks I’ve had writers block and what I like to call “typing rage.” It’s not pleasant and can lead to effects such as losing your plot (your own and your books,) finding wild ideas and realising you’re making up things for the hell of it and finally, the ability to throw objects that are quite heavy, very far. Aside from that, the book is coming along nicely, I can’t say anything about the current state of the characters as quite a few have been introduced with many more still to come. Exciting isn’t it?

Well it is to me anyway.

I count myself lucky out of the very few, that I can have an active imagination to help get this book done and it makes it even better that as of tomorrow, I learn how much paid holiday I can take from work. Rumour has it that I have two weeks solid left to take before December.  So I’ll either be very productive with it or I’ll get cabin fever and run down the road screaming.

The following chapters of The Kingmaker Saga should keep me preoccupied though.

See you on the other side.



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