NaNoWriMo: Chapter 23 and a Bonus, The Front Cover!

Hello once again followers of the saga yet to be written! I say this because it is still in progress as you all know. NaNoWriMo is in it’s third week and it’s becoming that marathon that we all anticipated it to be. National Novel Writing Month I can tell you now, is not for the faint hearted. I find myself creeping towards the forty thousand word mark and steadily progressing the first book in the first trilogy. I have decided to take the time out to update you all with the wonderful news that the action has indeed begun in the story and looks set to keep a pace going. I’d often wondered what it would be like trying to convey emotions through the written word for the movie that I had in my head, it is harder than you think. Writers block settles in and your budding author (that’s me, James Pearson) is trying to overcome to problems with it. Steady as I go.

I feel confident that I can get to fifty thousand words though. I’m on track and I love what I am doing, seeing the characters and the story come to life makes it all worth while and I’m looking forward to you reading my fantasy novel when it’s ready. As I said, I hope it could be ready by Christmas. With the help of the publishers based in Brighton here in the UK, I know I’ll have a printed copy and the first in existence. And how much of a bonus would that be as a prize in a competition if it hits the mainstream? It could even be signed.

Now onto what you may well waiting for. Yes, as per the title I have the cover art ready for the printer and you will all be the first to see it. Yes, it is designed by me so don’t expect wonders or even to be in awe. But I personally am proud of my book cover. So without further hesitation on my part, below is the book cover.



2 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: Chapter 23 and a Bonus, The Front Cover!

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