NaNoWriMo 2013: What’s next?

Well, as it seems it is practically over, I thought I would ask the question. What is next? Well, next is finishing the novel, of course! I’m proud of what I managed to achieve in under a month, but the push continues. The experience I’ve had through NaNoWriMo has allowed me to gain more than I could believe. It gave me a determination to finish what I had started and follow through with it. As we speak, I’m making new connections with publishers and looking into self-publishing. Asking authors what they think the best course is and generally learning all I can.

It’s an exciting step.

You may also notice that the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts for The Kingmaker Saga have all been setup (obviously, long over due.) I’m making definitive progress towards getting this done. I am still around 30,000 words short, maybe more, but the story takes time to unfold for me as well. Fantasy Fiction is an amazing category to write in and allows so much depth to be pursued. The characters that grace my pages have all been built with care and attention and allowed to flourish. Some have plunged to much darker depths than I had imagined, while some have risen high than I could have thought. Their evolution in front of me is breath taking.

I’m enjoying writing it and, when it’s done, I sincerely hope you all enjoy reading it. It should take you on a journey that you will never forget.



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