The Kingmaker: Architect or Gardener?

Hello Kingmaker followers! What a week it has been, I’ve taken to writing some of my book at work and emailing it home (work smart.) This is of course making it easier to write up the book as I go along, bringing me closer to completing the first book in The Kingmaker Saga. I am beginning Chapter 39, I’m approximately 64k words in with the word count rising, literally every day. So far this week it hasn’t been a struggle to write the chapters as they come, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been looking for inspiration where I can. Yesterday, I found a picture of George R.R. Martin with a quote he said that speaks volumes about the way I write. It might sound strange, but the way both him and I do things are similar, in relation to writing anyway.

Of course, I’d consider myself more of a gardener. That’s just me, I’ve often written just to see where it goes with the book and found that, somehow, it just worked out for the story in the long term. Whether it’s adding a character or event and seeing how my characters react. I my head they’re real, I know them, I’ve spent time with them. Sometimes, I place an event in there and watch my fingers type their reactions. Seeing their anger, sadness or happiness shine through the words.

I had a conundrum in an earlier chapter that featured a character that needed saving. I toyed with killing him off in an unexpected twist, but decided against it. In the end, I created his saviours. But after a while, when I came back to them as they naturally appeared again, I had no idea what they were for. I started pacing the room, talking to myself, trying to establish what they were there for and what defined them and their actions. Then it happened, like a hammer of brilliance beating me in the head till I listened. Within moments my fingers were once again typing furiously, but this time with an answer, the seed I had planted grew up into something I never saw coming.

Which was a great thing, else I would have had to retype the entire chapter I had just done and the chapter where they were created and try and find a different way to save said character… Or kill him. No, definitely wouldn’t have killed him.

I’ve done this several times in my book. Well, if I’m honest, I’ve done this a lot in my book. I sent a tweet out the other day that said it all really.


Plot twists seem to come out of nowhere as you type and sometimes, you discover things about your characters that you didn’t know, like a friend telling you one of their darkest secrets. Then things unfold that you didn’t plan but hardly anything is planned in life and when it is, it usually goes completely wrong. A book world should be no different.

But that leads me to ask you a question, as George R.R. Martin said, we’re all part architect and part gardener. But which one are you?


3 thoughts on “The Kingmaker: Architect or Gardener?

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