The Kingmaker: Nearing The End of The Manuscript

Here’s your latest update on The Kingmaker, the first book in The Kingmaker Saga. Right now, I feel like Rocky Balboa in Rocky II, training as much as I can, hammering away at my keyboard. Preparing for the fight of my life. It’s all I can think of. Over the next week I’m nearing the end of my manuscript, when I can finally say I’ve finished the first book and won the world heavyweight championship! Fine, I might be overextending my reach a bit. But still, it feels like I’m on the way to winning something big.

And like Rocky at the end of the his training montage, followed by all of his fan, I’m taking you with me. As you read this, I’m more than likely at work, but still typing out the next chapter in an email and preparing to send it home to finish it. Right now, I’m on 69,888 words after finishing chapter 41. I’m aiming for 50 chapters in this first book and giving the next one something to lead in to.

It’s a long hard fight, but I know, when it comes down to it, all the training I’ve put in will give me the edge in the fight. I’m a champion! I’m a writer! I’m an author! ADRIAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!

Sorry for the outburst. Can you tell I’m excited? Of course, the next part of the process is to reread it, check for misspellings, punctuation, grammar and the sorts. I have to get it as close to perfect as possible. Then of course, there’s the book cover. Some of you may have seen it, others might not have. Either way, I’m not completely sold on my own design. Cover art is a serious part of selling the book, so I need to have another look and see if it does work.

I have to get back to my training montage, I can’t win without a good montage.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook, I’ll be running a competition later on in the month. Everyone has a bit of spare time in between Christmas and the New Year. If you’re creative, you might enjoy it. If you’re not, have a go anyway!



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