The Kingmaker: Book Cover Unveiling

Hello again, Kingmaker Followers!

During a period of sustained writers block, (damn I hate writers block) I found the time to be creative and at least work on the book in some fashion. Thankfully, I’m not too bad with the old photoshop and managed to put together a few book covers for the novel in a short space of time. Moving things around and changing fonts and big the picture was. Eventually, after asking a few people, I settled on the design below. DRUM ROLL PLEASE!….

The Kingmaker Book CoverI’ll be damned if it isn’t too bad, even if I do say so myself. So in this period of block, I have achieved something at least. It’s distinct and from what I’ve been told, it draws your attention. I hope so, it seems quite powerful in it’s imagery.

What do you think of the book cover? Thoughts and opinions below! Alternatively, send me a message on Twitter @KingmakerSaga or Facebook


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