The Kingmaker: End of Year Review

Hello Everyone!

I’m just updating everyone on how the book is going. The Kingmaker is moving along well and I’m currently writing chapter 49 and plan to finish on chapter 50. The word count has risen to over 80,000 and after I’ve finished the first draft, I will be able to start the editing. The holidays have certainly gotten in the way of writing, a lot of planning and partying, leaving me completely drained. But it’s been a wonderful Christmas, amazing times with the family and friends.

Once the first draft is finished, I will start editing. I can’t wait for this to happen, this is what I’ve been looking forward to. I’ll be doing most of the editing myself, plus I also have a few beta readers looking over what I have of the manuscript. These people are completely invaluable. There are so many people who I can thank, for help and advice. In my time on Twitter, I’ve found so many good friends and valuable teachers. Meeting other authors and writers on Twitter has helped me reach out and meet so many people.

As the year draws to a near I feel very lucky that I have met all the people that have helped my writing, I’m very thankful for NaNoWriMo which I discovered this year. This has spurred me on to finish the first book in the saga and plan the next book. The characters have certainly popped out from the pages for me and seem to come to life. Sometimes, I don’t think I’m writing the book, I’m just typing while things happen. This is wonderful, as you can probably tell I’m a bit of a Pantser. Yes, sometimes I’ll just write to see what happens. In fact, most of the time I will end up writing a chapter and it will take it’s own spin on things and end up different to what I had planned but come together in a strange way.

Also if you’ve missed it, I have finished the front cover of The Kingmaker and finalised it. You can see it below.The Kingmaker Book Cover

How did all your plans go for the year? Did you get all of your ideas finished? How far are you through your novel?



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