The Kingmaker: January Update

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I realise it’s been a while since my update. There have been many things happening in my personal life recently and I’ve been suffering (dramatically) with a head cold. The last few days have felt like I’ve been staring directly into the sun. My eyes burned at the back of my head, and there was a constant pounding on my forehead. It felt like a dwarf smashing his way out from the inside.

Anyway, it seems to have been beaten off by my young — and awesome —  immune system. Huzzah for youth!

The book is coming on strong. The last couple of days I’ve spent editing as much as I could with the head cold, and I had previously made a start on it before it attacked me. So far, I believe it’s seven chapters down. Only forty-three more to go. Depending on the chapter, it can be very time consuming. It’s also a testament to my fast fingers, typing the wrong words and leaving out grammar where there should be some. It’s hard not to look back and think, ‘wow, that doesn’t make any sense.’ Leaving me to edit things out, tidy them up or remove them completely.

I’ve also recently joined the lovely online forum of Mythic Scribes. These guys are brilliant, offering help and support to fantasy fiction writers in all corners. It’s great for bouncing ideas off people and helping other people out where you can. A community I cannot thank enough.

Thank you so much for your patience with the book. I know I don’t have a huge following, but the following I have means the world to me. I hope you’ll all be as excited as I am when the book is released. A lot of blood, sweat and tears has been poured into it.

If any of you want to get in contact with me, go ahead. There’s a contact page now!


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