The Kingmaker: Edit Update

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

It’s that time again, the time I update you on how the first novel is coming along. I’m excited to announce that — after many late nights — the novel will have finished its edit by tonight (Wednesday, 22nd of January 2014.) I’m extremely proud of this, the time and effort that I have put in will be amply rewarded once I get my first printed copies. As some of you know, The Kingmaker started life two years ago while I was traveling around Australia; since then, I had entered myself into NaNoWriMo to get it finished. I came out of NaNo with over 57,000 words and conquered my writers block, enabling me to push forward and finish it.

The word count continued to rise on the book, and still does as I edit (is that normal?) When I finished the first draft I was on 87,000 words, but have been creeping up to 90,000. I’m currently sitting on 89,000. The next step is to claim my free copies for competing in NaNoWriMo. The lovely people at, and are all able to provide me with copies of my novel, giving me four in total to evaluate and have read over by willing beta readers.

The last edit starts tonight, ten chapters left to go.

I’ll keep you all up to date on the release date of my debut novel.


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