The Kingmaker: Everyone Has An Opinion

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I’m writing this on a train journey, so I apologise In advance. This might be full of errors.

Yesterday I received an email from a fellow writer/author — whom shall not be named — ripping apart my first chapter. This, obviously, was incredibly disheartening. After spending so long toiling with my story and editing, I’d had someone verbally kick me square in the balls and yell, “you suck!” This is all metaphorical of course , but it felt the same.

The things this author said felt scathing to say the least. Basing the whole of my book on this chapter, which granted, anyone would do as it was the first chapter, but saying that one section was “dull as dirt” left me reeling and quite angry — to say the least.

After some back and forth correspondence, it turned out the writer simply thought my work had no hook and it lacked pace. That there were things in there that didn’t need to be in there. After a while I decided to re-read some books that inspired me — Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, The Left Hand of God — none of them had particularly exciting starts. And although they were slow to begin with, they turned into wonderous, intriguing stories.

Since speaking to the author/writer, I have decided to re-write some of the chapter to try for a better hook.

What I’m trying to say is this: everyone will have an opinion on your novel, some good, some bad. Always stay open, though. Most people are just trying to help, but remember your opinion counts too.


2 thoughts on “The Kingmaker: Everyone Has An Opinion

  1. The important thing here is that you took a moment to be angry (as you had a right to be), but then took another moment and contacted that other person to clarify what was being said, AND to act on it. Not everyone’s advice or critique will be worth listening to, but it’s so essential to take those bits as objectively as you can so you can see if there’s any truth to it, or anything you can use. Good job.

    • Thank you Lynda! As you know, I am new to writing and the general industry. I simply wanted to tell a story and, if it sells, entertain some people along the way. After speaking to the person in question, I have changed it and even I think it’s a better start.

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