The Kingmaker Saga: Book II

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

Once again, it’s an exciting time for me, plunging into the world of The Kingmaker Saga. Which is available on Amazon right now! Check out this link: The Kingmaker

But the great news is that I’m working on the second book in the saga. It’s unofficial name at the moment is “Kingdomfall”. Seeing as I like to work in weird way (usually backwards), I’ve started on the cover before actually completing the book. I don’t care what people say, it’s a way to motivate myself. I enjoy looking at it and it inspires me to push forward with the story and get it finished. The strange thing is, since I’ve started writing, I’ve noticed that the books may not actually be three trilogies after all. Well, they might be. I just don’t know. Unless the next two books really are going to be massive.

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve put up a post like this. But I wanted to keep you informed when things start moving. You wouldn’t want to hear about my stagnation, would you? Didn’t think so.

Once again, I’ll take you throw my process of writing book two, including designing the cover and the later parts of proofing and editing. Could I update you with a word count, too? Of course I can. Word counts will come up from time to time, so you can see how far I’ve gotten. But for book two to make any sense, you’ll need to read the first book! So get to it!


The Kingmaker: All Time High

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I hope you’re all well! The Kingmaker is doing well in the Kindle Bestsellers list. It peaked yesterday at 19,000! A wonderful achievement! It often makes me wonder, though. My novel is currently reasonably priced on Amazon, but there are plenty of novels out there–especially on the bestsellers list–that are under $1.99 or under £1. That’s great for sales, makes it easy for them to speed up the best seller list, but is it worth it? Will your work get recognised? Or will it simply be bought and put on the kindle “shelf” to read later? It’s a tough question, really.

I’d love for some reviews to start coming in for my novel. I know it must have been making some sales, somewhere. Else, it wouldn’t have made it so far up the rankings. I know I have a few wonderful people to thank for that. Friends and family are brilliant support for a budding author, starting his trade. But it’s a skill that has to be honed. And I’d love reviews to come in that might not be so biased. I’m not saying everyone that is my friend will enjoy the book, some might hate it, some might not get on with it at all. But I’ve had nothing but good feedback so far.

So, I ask this: please, keep buying. You’re all wonderful people, showing me support for my hard work. I’m loving telling the story of Rhyn and his friends, and his enemies. The good and the bad all merge into one, in Vikinsa. I can’t wait for you all to read book two. Which has yet to have a name! That will be a later step. Once the story develops in my “gardener” head. Off I go, to plant more seeds.

The Kingmaker: GoodReads Giveaway

Hello Kingmaker followers!

It’s an exciting time at the moment, a lot of momentum is gathering and I’m finding The Kingmaker is doing well. Of course, it’ll take a while for everything to fall into place, but I have some even better news; as of a few days ago, I started a book giveaway on for two copies of the paperback.

The Kingmaker (Book I of The Kingmaker Saga)

I want to get as much exposure for The Kingmaker as possible. So this is a great way for people to add it to their list of books to-read. Over the last few days, The Kingmaker has risen and sunk in the rankings on Amazon.

This is to be expected. I’m still an unknown author, trying to make a name for himself in a market filled with talent.

That being said, I feel like I bring something new to the table. I just need to start getting the reviews in now. Hopefully, they will come in soon.

Work and preparation on book two is still ongoing. There are a lot if things left to prepare, and a few characters I want you to be excited about. Thus the temptation if releasing a short story about one of the upcoming characters might rouse some excitement.

Stay tuned!

The Kingmaker: GoodReads Fans

Hello everyone!

It’s been a strange few days, since putting The Kingmaker on Amazon, I’ve seen it reach highs of being ranked 26,000 out of 400,000 on the best sellers ranking! That’s an achievement (I believe, anyway). Since then, I’ve added the author page to GoodReads so you can all become fans and add the book to your “To-Read” sections.

The link is below.

James G. Pearson’s books on Goodreads


The Kingmaker is on Amazon!

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

Wonderful news for myself and all of you! (Not there are many of you, yet.) The Kingmaker has officially been released on Kindle and the paperback version will be available for purchase in the next few days on and

This is a very proud moment for me. It’s been a hard graft over the last few months. Struggling every night to find the little mistakes and change the names of some of the characters and settings. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the end result! After some extensive work (on a ten year old laptop), I managed to make a 300dpi version of my cover–that took some major time, five minutes to load the file, 5 minutes to change the background colour. What a nightmare! But I got there in the end.

I have to say, there have been some special people in my life that I, sincerely, couldn’t have done it without. One of them being my beautiful girlfriend. Without her patience for me (listening to me ramble on about characters and background, listening to place names and saying “that REALLY doesn’t work.”) I couldn’t have finished the book. The woman is a godsend, so thank you for putting up with me and my quest to finally finish something.

So what’s next? Well, book two is currently underway. Although, not much progress has been made. I will find the time to write and have the next book in the saga finished. I’ve vowed to have nine books, and so I shall.

Here are the links to my book below!

The Kingmaker: First Ever Copy!

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

Another update about how the first novel is coming along. As I noted in an earlier post, I had sent away for the first proof copy of The Kingmaker, and on Friday it arrived! In all its glory! Fine, I might be getting a little over exaggerated. The first copy was provided to me by the lovely people at and I cannot thank them enough for their support. They have been a top resource for me in getting this far with my first novel.

There, as was suspected, a few hiccups. But that’s why we order prints to make sure they’re good to roll out, right? So go ahead, look below and the book actually in my hand.

The Kingmaker Front CoverThe Kingmaker Back Cover

I’m happy with the way it’s turned out. I really am. But there are a few things that need reworking and sorting out. Namely a few formatting errors. But at least they can be corrected since I can see how it turns out when someone buys a printed copy. For one thing, the cover needs to be redone. I’m not doing a rework or anything. It just needs to be sharpened. Unfortunately it turned out slightly blurry and I think the whole image needs to be rebuilt for it to work. It was only the crowned tree that really suffered in the process.

The book was printed by Lighting Source in the UK, the binding is perfect and, as you’ve probably noticed, it has a gloss finish. The next copy I get will have to be a matte finish so I can see which works best. From what I’ve read in the industry, matte finish is best for fiction books.


For all those that are interested. Work has begun on book two! As of yet, untitled. But it’s obviously the follow up as will be:

Book II of The Kingmaker Saga