The Kingmaker: First Ever Copy!

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

Another update about how the first novel is coming along. As I noted in an earlier post, I had sent away for the first proof copy of The Kingmaker, and on Friday it arrived! In all its glory! Fine, I might be getting a little over exaggerated. The first copy was provided to me by the lovely people at and I cannot thank them enough for their support. They have been a top resource for me in getting this far with my first novel.

There, as was suspected, a few hiccups. But that’s why we order prints to make sure they’re good to roll out, right? So go ahead, look below and the book actually in my hand.

The Kingmaker Front CoverThe Kingmaker Back Cover

I’m happy with the way it’s turned out. I really am. But there are a few things that need reworking and sorting out. Namely a few formatting errors. But at least they can be corrected since I can see how it turns out when someone buys a printed copy. For one thing, the cover needs to be redone. I’m not doing a rework or anything. It just needs to be sharpened. Unfortunately it turned out slightly blurry and I think the whole image needs to be rebuilt for it to work. It was only the crowned tree that really suffered in the process.

The book was printed by Lighting Source in the UK, the binding is perfect and, as you’ve probably noticed, it has a gloss finish. The next copy I get will have to be a matte finish so I can see which works best. From what I’ve read in the industry, matte finish is best for fiction books.


For all those that are interested. Work has begun on book two! As of yet, untitled. But it’s obviously the follow up as will be:

Book II of The Kingmaker Saga


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