The Kingmaker: GoodReads Giveaway

Hello Kingmaker followers!

It’s an exciting time at the moment, a lot of momentum is gathering and I’m finding The Kingmaker is doing well. Of course, it’ll take a while for everything to fall into place, but I have some even better news; as of a few days ago, I started a book giveaway on for two copies of the paperback.

The Kingmaker (Book I of The Kingmaker Saga)

I want to get as much exposure for The Kingmaker as possible. So this is a great way for people to add it to their list of books to-read. Over the last few days, The Kingmaker has risen and sunk in the rankings on Amazon.

This is to be expected. I’m still an unknown author, trying to make a name for himself in a market filled with talent.

That being said, I feel like I bring something new to the table. I just need to start getting the reviews in now. Hopefully, they will come in soon.

Work and preparation on book two is still ongoing. There are a lot if things left to prepare, and a few characters I want you to be excited about. Thus the temptation if releasing a short story about one of the upcoming characters might rouse some excitement.

Stay tuned!


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