The Kingmaker: All Time High

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I hope you’re all well! The Kingmaker is doing well in the Kindle Bestsellers list. It peaked yesterday at 19,000! A wonderful achievement! It often makes me wonder, though. My novel is currently reasonably priced on Amazon, but there are plenty of novels out there–especially on the bestsellers list–that are under $1.99 or under £1. That’s great for sales, makes it easy for them to speed up the best seller list, but is it worth it? Will your work get recognised? Or will it simply be bought and put on the kindle “shelf” to read later? It’s a tough question, really.

I’d love for some reviews to start coming in for my novel. I know it must have been making some sales, somewhere. Else, it wouldn’t have made it so far up the rankings. I know I have a few wonderful people to thank for that. Friends and family are brilliant support for a budding author, starting his trade. But it’s a skill that has to be honed. And I’d love reviews to come in that might not be so biased. I’m not saying everyone that is my friend will enjoy the book, some might hate it, some might not get on with it at all. But I’ve had nothing but good feedback so far.

So, I ask this: please, keep buying. You’re all wonderful people, showing me support for my hard work. I’m loving telling the story of Rhyn and his friends, and his enemies. The good and the bad all merge into one, in Vikinsa. I can’t wait for you all to read book two. Which has yet to have a name! That will be a later step. Once the story develops in my “gardener” head. Off I go, to plant more seeds.


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