The Kingmaker Saga: Update

Wow, I’ve been leaving it a long time between posts on here, lately. I’m sorry readers, I know you want to know what’s going on (at least I hope you do!). To be honest, it’s been a very busy month for me. Actual work has taken over my life, oh, I wish I could just write full time.

The good news is, work on the book is coming along nicely. I’m currently on Chapter 9 and on just over 16,000 words. So we’re not doing too badly. I’m also proud to tell you, I have my first short story out, based on the secretive assassin and knowledge sect called The Order of Talos. The first tale that has been taken from their vast libraries is one about a new character coming to the story, The Bear of Yarmir. All of Vikinsa believes him to be dead, but The Order know the truth.

It’s currently free on Kindle! Pick up a copy!

The Order of Talos: The Bear of Yarmir

Why not pick up the first in the series, as well? It’s good, I assure you. Well, it is in mine and three other people’s opinions. Thank you, kind reviewers on Amazon!

The Kingmaker (Book I of The Kingmaker Saga)

I’ll keep you updated as I go along, as much as possible.


The Kingmaker Saga: Book II Update

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

It’s been a while, I know. Sorry for the long pauses between updates. Daily life has its ways of taking hold and not letting you get the things done that you want. As much as I would LOVE to quit my job and become a full-time writer, I haven’t the funds to do so. Which is sad, really. But, us writers/authors all have to begin somewhere. So I start by writing when I’m working, which isn’t very often at the moment (as an added thought, spare a moment for those that work in call centres, like I do. We’re not bad people, and when you put the phone down to us and have been awful, just remember that we have to do this another three hundred times during our working day. Take it easy, we’re human beings, too. Well.. Some of us are.)

Anyway, on to the update! I’m now on to chapter six, on over 9,000 words so far. A respectable amount for you to look forward to in the first six chapters. I’ll give you a heads up that the book begins three months after the end of the previous book, so if you haven’t read the first one yet, here’s the link The Kingmaker on Amazon.

Also — for your reading pleasure — I have been working on a short story for you all to read about an up-coming character that I’m excited about, and you should be, too. All will be revealed in a while, But, hopefully, you’ll love the appearance of this character as much as I will.

There is some big news, however. The Kingmaker will be free for a limited period, next weekend. That’s right, pick up your free copy of The Kingmaker on Amazon next weekend for free on Kindle. Don’t miss out!

The land of Vikinsa is just a small portion of the world these men live in. The five kingdoms are a small section of the kingdoms that litter the landscape, and the kings and warriors within are just a few that you have encountered. Much will change in the world, alliances will be broken and made, people will come to light that you have never heard of, but in the land of Vikinsa they have a storied past.

I hope to see you there.