Kingmaker Author Gets Engaged!

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I know it’s been a while since the last update on the second book in the saga, but I have been very busy lately. On a holiday with my loving and supporting girlfriend I proposed — and she said yes! Of course I’m over the moon. I couldn’t be happier, but now the planning begins. So I have two projects that need working on, planning a wedding and writing a book.

Both and obviously time consuming and will take time but my fiance is extremely supportive of my writing. So things will carry on as quickly as they can for the second book. I thank you all for you patience while I write the second book.



Chronicles of Vikinsa Free This Weekend!

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I have some wonderful news for you all, it’s all in the title. The two short stories in The Chronicles of Vikinsa are free this weekend! On Saturday 10th of May and Sunday 11th you need to grab yourselves a copy and see how things have come about in the Kingmaker Saga. The Chronicles are written from the perspective of The Order of Talos, the secret order of assassins and keepers of absolute truth. These are the first two in the chronicles and The Bear of Yarmir opens up an introduction of a character that appears in the next book, Kingdomfall.

I’ve posted the links below so you can go ahead and get them. They’re a quick read and an enjoyable way to give a little more intrigue into the world I’ve built so far and its history. Happy reading!

Chronicles of Vikinsa: Iridi’s Embrace

Chronicles of Vikinsa: The Bear of Yarmir

I have to continue writing the second book, speak to you next time!