Work Resumes on Kingdomfall

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

I know, I know. It’s been a while since my last update. There’s been a lot going on. Wedding planning has been on the forefront of the agenda and I’ve had a lot of changes at work recently which has pushed back my time to work on the second book. But you should all be happy that work has resumed on it. I had to start again and read through it to connect with the characters, but all is well in the plotting of the next book.

Will I look to surprise you? More than likely. What’s the point of writing a book if you already know how it’s going to turn out. I try not to be stereotypical with my writing. Hey, George R.R. Martin killed off Ned Stark just as you thought he would be your hero. I personally think that for a book to be good, it has to be more realistic. People die. Especially in the settings of medieval/feudal periods. It was a rough time to live, a death was usually a messy one and someone usually had a grudge.

Besides, what fun would a book be without drama? I’ve looked several ideas and like one or two of them. It’s time to rub my characters the wrong way.

Chapter twenty is coming up. If any of you fancy being beta readers for the second book just let me know via my contact page.