Can a debut indie author make an impact?

It’s a question that we’ve all asked when we’ve been writing: is this going to be my break? Am I so incredibly talented and just didn’t know? The answer to the question is, usually, no. No one can make a huge impact as an indie author without investing a huge amount of money that they don’t usually have. Maybe you’ve written a book that’s in one of the better selling genres and that’s helped you somewhat.

I, for instance, haven’t made a huge impact in the way that I’d dreamed of. But the main thing is that I did dream it. I did dream about writing a novel and bringing my characters to life and I did that. That’s a win in itself. Not everyone can make a huge impact on day one without the backing of the big publishers. We indie authors struggle on a daily basis for recognition, but it’s a struggle that’s worth it.

Have any of you made the impact that you wanted or thought you could?



2 thoughts on “Can a debut indie author make an impact?

  1. It IS worth it to keep at it. Most indie authors don’t get “lucky” with the big break unless it truly is sheer luck. So many of them have wonderfully written books that are, in fact, better than what’s being currently marketed, but they just don’t happen to fall into the perfect timing, genre, trend, or any number of variables.

    Keep on writing! Your fan base will grow slowly but surely, and even if you don’t make it “big” per se, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that those who’ve read your books truly enjoy your work.

    • This is SO true, Lynda. Thought I’ve mostly been communicating in the KDP forums recently and some of the authors are genuinely high ranked in the Amazon rankings. But you hear the stories, some one passes a book to one person who passes it to another and soon you’re all signed up.

      Even if it doesn’t, I’m happy writing my books and seeing where it takes me.

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