Discovering New Books

I think it’s always important to read in and outside your favourite genre. You never know what you might find. In my day-to-day full time job I tend to find myself perusing Amazon books and reading their free previews, as well as reading all the news websites that I can consume to get me through the day. I do have my fun reading all of these previews, seeing how other authors construct their works and their ability to suck me in with the obligatory ten percent that I can read. I often find myself annoyed by the fact that I can’t read more, leaving me going to Smashwords and looking for their free books. But I’m happier reading the stories in their tid-bits.

It’s not very often that I follow up on the books that I start on the Amazon free previews, but something about Anthony Ryan’s Blood Song just stuck with me. As I’ve said before, I’m a fan of Paul Hoffman’s tales of Cale and his friends, so finding Vaelin Al Sorna was something of a revelation. Anthony Ryan’s style and prose has kept me hooked so far, so I went and bought a copy from WHSmith. With every spare moment I had I was reading about Vaelin and his trials in the Sixth Order.

If anything, it’s certainly helped me with my own writing. It’s inspired more thoughts in my head, made the creativity flow. I’m only on page seventy, but I cannot wait to get back into it and write my own series as well. On that note, Kingdomfall is still going. I’m writing diligently and helping the story move forward with everything I’d planned. I’m happy with the way things are moving, let’s just hope it continues and that nothing gets in the way.


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