Kingdomfall Update

Those of you who follow the blog looking for updates on the book will be pleased to hear that it’s all moving very well at the moment. I seem to have found a rhythm and keep pushing the story forward. I’m not sure what’s inspired me, I’ve seen quite a few new films recently and started reading a new fantasy novel (Blood Sony by Anthony Ryan, what a book). So I see a lot of positives working with me.

There has been no writing this weekend as I’ve been attending my best friend’s wedding. There has been writing this morning though, and there will be writing later on tonight and in the week. I had to cut a couple of scenes and rewrite them so I’m back down to twenty, but that will quickly go back up as I chop and change. It’s great to work with the characters again and learning all about them. Their history is what drives the story more than anything, it fuels their motivations. Some still remain a mystery, even to me.

You might also be happy to know that the world is being developed and grown with every chapter as well, seemingly becoming bigger as the stories come out and the cities and history come alive. You may be pleased to know that I’ll be introducing some new characters to make the plot even more intriguing. Some characters you will never have heard of before, one or two you may have heard stories about in the first book. I’m hoping you’ll find each of them deep and enriching toward the story and the land they live in.

I’ll keep you all updated as I go.

As an added bonus, I’m working on a map for you all. Seeing as that seems to be one of the things that’s drastically missing in the book. Then you can see the world as I see it.


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