Kingdomfall Pre-order Available

I’m excited, are you? Kingdomfall is officially announced using Amazon’s new pre-order and has three months before it’s finished. It’s been tough so far but I’ve installed this deadline so I work faster and harder toward my goal of getting the book out this year.

cropped-kingdomfallbanner.jpgI can’t wait to bring this new book to you! The next installment of The Kingmaker Saga will be available on 26/11/2014 or if you’re American it will be 11/26/2014. The same date, it’s just that I’m British.

Feel free to pre-order on Amazon from today!




Amazon Releases Pre-Orders to Indie Authors

I woke up to some great news this morning. From what I read in the email from Amazon, we are now able to setup pre-orders for our books as Indie authors. This is obviously a huge step in the right direction! No one is sure whether it’s come about as a side-effect of the Hachette dispute or whether it’s been in the works for some time, but either way it certainly will be a bonus for authors such as myself.preorder

The ability to have your work on pre-order while you do the marketing makes it a much easier process for us, rather than having to simply put the work out there and market as best we can. We can now use this tool to stir the pot and build buzz toward release date, featuring in the rankings before it’s even been downloaded.

I’m glad Amazon has afforded us the time to do this, they let the big publishers have the button and I’m glad it’s on our screens too.


Amazon vs. Hachette Book Group

It seems lately that the most talked about situation between authors is the Amazon vs. Hachette Book Group. As an author I can see why. The latest dispute has the industry up in arms as battle lines are drawn and people begin to pick sides. As predicted, traditional authors have sided with Hachette leaving others to side with Amazon or choose not to get involved.

If you’re not totally up to scratch with why Hachette and Amazon are at logger-heads, let me make a quick list for you.

  • Amazon has prevented Hachette authors from making pre-orders
  • Amazon have removed discounts for books
  • Hachette have artificially risen prices for their authors ebooks
  • Hachette have also been involved in price fixing with Apple and B&N.

There are petitions in both favours, but which side do you belong on? A general consensus between indie authors believes that Amazon has the moral high ground on this one. They’ve made the market more competitive for everyone else and allowed authors who have faced rejection after rejection a place to market their novels.

Writing shouldn’t be allowed only to the elite, everyone has a story to tell. If Hachette get their way then every book would have to go through a publisher and there would be fewer books in the market, and very few new authors to welcome to the fold. Which would be a crying shame in my opinion. As far as publishers claiming that Amazon bullies them, there are plenty other markets out there if they want to take their business elsewhere. The world doesn’t revolve around traditional publishers and their opinions, because more often than not, they’re wrong. There are some fantastic writers that — if given the platform — could out-perform the big names.


The Kingmaker Map

As some of you may know, I have been working on a map for the book. Low and behold, I’ve finally finished it. Well… mostly. It doesn’t go in depth as much as it could. But there wouldn’t be enough room to put every place and stronghold on a map this size. When the time is right I’ll zoom in and add much more to it, but for now I believe it works well. The map shows all the major cities and how the country looks plus the borders for each kingdom within Vikinsa.

The next step is to add it to the book. Something I hope readers will enjoy.

Feast your eyes on this!

Map of Vikinsa

Map of Vikinsa

Inspiration: Mythology

It’s no secret that I love history. It’s one of my favourite things. I grew up in a family that practiced Karate and found myself immersed in the culture of the Japanese and their warriors, soaking up their mythology, their practices and beliefs. The way their warrior code worked. I was fascinated by it all. After doing some searching through the family tree it came upon me that I can trace my ancestors back to Nordic bloodlines. That’s right, my family are technically Viking settlers. This all only came to light recently as I delved into the Nordic mythology, Odin, Thor, Freya, Loki, their tales were epic. So epic they were taken down as poems called sagas, spanning generations.


In school I learned about Egyptian mythology and Greek mythology. One thing I found similar was that they all celebrated more than one god, known as polytheism. The gods were all similar in their own ways, Odin as to Zeus, Thor as to Ares and so on. But their warriors and the codes they lived by were all different, having completely different cultures altogether.

I use a lot of Norse inspiration taking words from their language and Old High German and blending them to suit my needs. It’s the source from which my world was born and I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out: life in Vikinsa is hard and often without justice. Much like life for the Norsemen of old, some things are simply given. Everything else must be taken.

So this is one of my inspirations: Mythology. It inspired nations, and it inspires my books.