Amazon vs. Hachette Book Group

It seems lately that the most talked about situation between authors is the Amazon vs. Hachette Book Group. As an author I can see why. The latest dispute has the industry up in arms as battle lines are drawn and people begin to pick sides. As predicted, traditional authors have sided with Hachette leaving others to side with Amazon or choose not to get involved.

If you’re not totally up to scratch with why Hachette and Amazon are at logger-heads, let me make a quick list for you.

  • Amazon has prevented Hachette authors from making pre-orders
  • Amazon have removed discounts for books
  • Hachette have artificially risen prices for their authors ebooks
  • Hachette have also been involved in price fixing with Apple and B&N.

There are petitions in both favours, but which side do you belong on? A general consensus between indie authors believes that Amazon has the moral high ground on this one. They’ve made the market more competitive for everyone else and allowed authors who have faced rejection after rejection a place to market their novels.

Writing shouldn’t be allowed only to the elite, everyone has a story to tell. If Hachette get their way then every book would have to go through a publisher and there would be fewer books in the market, and very few new authors to welcome to the fold. Which would be a crying shame in my opinion. As far as publishers claiming that Amazon bullies them, there are plenty other markets out there if they want to take their business elsewhere. The world doesn’t revolve around traditional publishers and their opinions, because more often than not, they’re wrong. There are some fantastic writers that — if given the platform — could out-perform the big names.



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