Amazon Releases Pre-Orders to Indie Authors

I woke up to some great news this morning. From what I read in the email from Amazon, we are now able to setup pre-orders for our books as Indie authors. This is obviously a huge step in the right direction! No one is sure whether it’s come about as a side-effect of the Hachette dispute or whether it’s been in the works for some time, but either way it certainly will be a bonus for authors such as myself.preorder

The ability to have your work on pre-order while you do the marketing makes it a much easier process for us, rather than having to simply put the work out there and market as best we can. We can now use this tool to stir the pot and build buzz toward release date, featuring in the rankings before it’s even been downloaded.

I’m glad Amazon has afforded us the time to do this, they let the big publishers have the button and I’m glad it’s on our screens too.



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