NaNoWriMo is closing in…

It’s coming to that time of the year again, November. A time for us authors and budding writers and enthusiasts to write your heart out in a month long endeavor to create something wonderful. I love NaNoWriMo, it’s a source of inspiration and helped me finish my first book and start the Kingmaker Saga. It isn’t a walk in the park by any means, it’s a tough old experience. A month long race toward the finishing line and all that stands in your way is 50,000 words. Sounds amazing, right?

I’m going to try and participate this year. Though I can’t say for definite that I will. In order to meet the pre-order requirements for Kingdomfall the manuscript must be sent in by the 11th of November. I know it gives me plenty of time, but I also have to double and triple check it before it can be sent off. Sometimes I think giving myself a deadline was a great idea, other times I think ‘WHAT HAVE I DONE?’

But I did make it through last years NaNo, so I have experience in that field. The pace of writing is unbelievable and you have to take it as a marathon, this sort of thing isn’t a race. If you start you have a month to finish. If you don’t finish within a month, big deal. You’ll be among thousands of others who couldn’t either because of genuine reasons like work or family life. I know how you all feel, sometimes life can get to you. So if you don’t finish within a month, don’t give up all together, finish it eventually. The important part is that NaNoWriMo gets you started.

So get sharpening your pens and powering your laptops, It’s just over a month away.


Leonhardt: A Brief History

Leonhardt. Warriors of courage, honour and great strength. Hailing from the mighty Kingdom of Altweralt in the north of Vikinsa. These mighty warriors and their king are the reason the kingdom was given its nickname, The Lion Kingdom. The Leonhardt have watched over the lands of Halerock for centuries after being granted the power to change from humans into great half-lion half-man beasts that stand in line against any comers. Due to their magical transformation they are bigger than an average human and stand on powerful hind legs that allow them to stand up-right and walk as their human counter-parts do. But when they run, they run on all fours. Bounding over great distances in a blitz like attack. Their claws extened and become almost as hard as steel, able to tear through weaker armour and shred through flesh, sinew and bone.

Lords of Leonhardt are granted more power with a different blood-oath, their size is usually bigger than a normal Leonhardt making them more imposing on the battlefield. But also more susceptible to being attacked in numbers.

The Leonhardt were first granted their powers by Titan Greymane the first. Signing their oaths of allegience with blood magic. Their campaign through Vikinsa to unite the five kingdoms ended with Titan Greymane proclaiming himself Emperor of Vikinsa. But as Titan’s power grew he expanded his Leonhardt forces, knowing that the blood magic would leave them weaker as it was spread so thinly across his vast army.

Eventually a rebellion rose up to challenge the tyranical rule of Titan and the brutality of the Leonhardt. In one final battle Titan marched his armies to meet the rebllion, his Leonhardt wearing their superior armour made of hythor. But it wasn’t enough to stop the onslaught of the rebel armies and their bid for freedom. The mass of Leonhardt fell even with their superior numbers as the discipline of the combined forces of the four kingdoms stripped Titan of his Leonhardt and dealt the fatal blow to Titan Greymane’s empire. The fall of the self-proclaimed emperor finished as he waded into battle and was killed by the Marcus Budant, though there are some that dispute the death at his hands and say that it was someone else.

The sightings of Leonhardt became more sporadic in the centuries to come. All other kingdoms were forbidden to enter Altweralt upon pain of death. The last anyone heard of the mighty warriors was when a king from a country in the north attempted to invade and expand his power. King Adalowe Goldclaw saw fit to decimate the invading king’s army and he did it with only two thousand Leonhardt against an army of fifteen thousand strong.

But there is more for these lion-men to achieve for their king, for they remember that their empire was once great.


Have you met a Leonhardt?

Hello Kingmaker Followers!

It’s been a while since I put up a post on this blog and I think it’s time to go into a bit of detail. Seeing as the cover of Kingdomfall is a Leonhardt Bannerhead it seems only fitting that we have a delve into what a Leonhardt is, where they live and a bit of their history.

So in the next few days you should expect an in-depth look into the Leonhardt, legendary warriors of the Lion Kingdom also known as Altweralt. There have been a few changes in the first book as well as I work toward editing that and finishing Kingdomfall. See you soon!