Kingdomfall April Update

The march forward for the next book in The Kingmaker Saga is becoming more like a jog at this point. You’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve had more time to invest in the second in the series and have been tapping away at the keyboard with a renewed vigor! Couldn’t be happier with the way things are turning out, we’re back on track!

Let’s give you an update as to where we are:

  • 50,089 words
  • 35 chapters complete
  • 2 new supporting characters introduced
  • 6 fight scenes
  • a bucket of intrigue
  • a dash of mystery
  • a touch of darkness

It’s all kicking off in Vikinsa with our main characters fighting to survive in this world I’ve carved out for them. I’m still finding as I write that the history gets deeper and richer than ever and as you read you’ll uncover what lies beneath the lies of kings. So you can follow these guys and girls in Kingdomfall: Book II of The Kingmaker Saga:

  • Rhyn – The Kingmaker
  • Dirham Gerard
  • Tiberius Redstorm
  • Carrick Belhound
  • Queen Lissa of Yarmir
  • Titan Goldclaw

Plus supporting characters that have their own chapters to show more of what’s happening around Vikinsa and its kingdoms.

Subscribe to the blog for more updates. We’re on the road to victory!


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