Reddit, a hub of information.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on Reddit. Most if not all of you will have heard of it. The Internet’s message board with an endless amount of sub-reddits ranging from history to Photoshop Battles. The amount of people exchanging and engaging on the website is incredible, and as a writer, an invaluable source for getting advice on your current work or ideas. For me, I use the Fantasy Writers sub-Reddit. It holds questions and discussions from all sorts of people looking for help with their work, whether it’s just a critique or possibly a discussion on something they’re thinking of doing in their book. Where else would be better to speak to like-minded people about your fantasy works?

Then there’s the World Building sub-Reddit. This place is for you if you like going in-depth about the way your world works and want some advice on where to take things. Some people post maps on there for others to help with geography and layout, some ask for help developing a currency. There’s even help developing magic systems if it’s something you need.

And finally there’s the Fantasy sub-Reddit. A place for lovers of fantasy in all its forms. Whether it be in books, video games, films, etc. It’s a great place to let people know about your book, but don’t just put it on there. Get involved! It’s a community and people won’t like it if you come in and dump your book on them without building some rapport. If you actively engage they will appreciate it and are more likely to take a look at your work.

Those are the three that I visit the most but I’d recommend visiting the site yourself if you haven’t been. There’s a wealth of knowledge there.

Fantasy Writers

World Building



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