Fiverr: Good For Editing? Part 1

Being a writer is hard work. I can’t lie and say that I have an incredible amount of time to run through my own books for editing purposes. My first book, The Kingmaker, was completely self-edited as I couldn’t afford an editor. Being in full-time work as well put a strain on my editing abilities and often leaving me editing late into the night, often causing more errors than fixing them. So I would go back the next day to redo what I more than likely messed up while trying to edit. Eventually I managed to finish the editing and put the book out. Having several good reviews but with the same problems, grammar and editing. So I thought I’d try something new, Fiverr.

For those who don’t know, Fiverr is a catch-all service that allows people to put advertisements up for specific skill sets (now I sound like Liam Neeson…) that can offer their services to people. These things can range from SEO to Brand Design, Business Consultancy to Accounting, Video Editing to Acting, and even people painting stuff on themselves and dancing manically. But the service that mattered for me was the editing and proofreading services. So I did some reading and researched through a few of the people on Fiverr that offered the services until I came across one user that may have matched my needs (and my budget).

After messaging what I needed they came back to me with a custom offer for the work they would do which would consist of spelling, grammar, and consistency using track changes in a Word Document. It seemed like a very good offer so I decided to go ahead with it. The person I’ve decided to use for editing services has received a Masters Degree which helped me with my choice and has also had experience reading pre-release books.

This is something that I’ve had to try out as I’ve found myself without time to edit the first book while I write the second, which is coming along nicely! I’ll keep you up to date with how it goes as the turn around time for the editing is around four days. If it’s great, I’ll recommend this!


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