Fiverr: Good For Editing? Part 2

Happy Tuesday! So I got my manuscript back for the first book from the lovely person on Fiverr. And I have to say, I’m happy with the results. The thing you have to remember with Fiverr is that you’re paying for a service that is supposed to be a quick turn-around. Some users will fall into the trap of speed editing and miss some things. To be fair, no-one can catch everything when editing. That’s why it takes so many drafts to get your manuscript right. Anyway, onto what I made of my Fiverr proofreading experience!

  • Quick turn-around
  • Good use of notes when editing
  • Help with continuity
  • Suggestions for better reader engagement
  • A mass of grammar editing

The user hasn’t pulled any punches with what their thoughts were on the manuscript, which is what you pay for. If you’re going to write you have to have thick skin, don’t take what they say to heart because they’re saying it to make your writing better! My manuscript was done within two days and the user found things that I’d missed on the second run through. I have a terrible tendency to edit when I’m beyond tired, so things don’t turn out the way I’d seen them in my head.

The service offered was exceptional and my experience with the seller was fluent, their communication with me over what I wanted was brilliant and the user even threw in an update when half-way through.

So, what does that mean for Fiverr editing? It means I had a great experience. But ultimately the advice I can give you is: research your potential proofreader. Not everyone will be the same, not everyone will pick up things, and not everyone will be as good as they say. If there’s one that I would recommend it would be the user jaqwardle. Thanks to her help the first book in The Kingmaker Saga can get a rewrite it deserves.

Jaqwardle Fiverr Profle

Jaqwardle Manuscript Service


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