Kingdomfall: May Update

“You’re all the same. You think the world owes you a debt. You think the way should be paved with gold and people should sing your praises just because you are who you are. But it takes people like me to show you the real world. All your gold turns to shit, and the people who sing your praises mock you behind your back. The world will turn. You will die. And you will be forgotten.”

That little speech is from later on in the book. Can you guess which one?

Kingdomfall has come a long way and so have the heroes and villains of the story. But this installment is heading towards the end of the first draft. I’ve already identified a few chapters that either need to be completely cut or rewritten. I have yet to place the clues as to where the story is heading, the little bits that make it that much more interesting.

As far as writing goes, I’m on chapter 40. In the last novel I finished at chapter 50, which in theory gives me ten chapters before it comes to a crescendo. Things are taking a turn and I can’t wait for you to read it. I know I’ve been taking my time with the second book, but I assure you, it’s worth the wait.

Recently I’ve been reading Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan, a wonderful piece of writing and the second in the series Raven’s Shadow. I’m truly captivated by the setting and the characters. I’ve also recently picked up Malice by John Gwynne, along with his second book, Valor. Once I’ve finished Tower Lord it’s on to them.

Do you have any recommendations for future reading? Leave suggestions below. You can even let me know how excited you are for the next book in The Kingmaker Saga, I’d be happy to hear it.


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