Writing some wrongs…

So, after finishing the first draft of Kingdomfall I said I would go back and work on The Kingmaker. And that’s what I’ve done. First off, I had the edit that was done by the lovely woman on Fiverr. But I also have a friend who’s exceptionally good at finding errors in writing. He even champions himself as a grammar nazi. He had a look through my book and managed to help me adjust the majority of the recurring errors that cropped up.

But it also led me to want to add some things to the first book. I decided that I needed more clues. The story itself has direction, it has purpose. But I know it could benefit from a few more questions and hints. There are characters moving in the background that I haven’t shone enough light on. But that’s because I want them in the dark. I want them to be lurking in the background. But I also want you to notice them. Because they’re major players in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you won’t notice. Maybe you won’t pay too much attention to them. But when it all comes together, you might find yourself going back.

And that’s what I want. I want you to have that “WHAT?!” moment. Okay, maybe it won’t be so much like that. I suppose it depends on how into the story you are. We’ll see. For now, I’m going to plant a few more clues in the first book.


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