July Update – 3rd Edition Release!

The_Kingmaker_Book__Cover_for_KindleWell, I’m excited! Finally, the 3rd edition of The Kingmaker is out! And in paperback as well! It’s been a busy few weeks, I’ll say that. I’ve been working on tweaking a few things in The Kingmaker and edited to a point where I think it’s pretty good. I’ve even added in some new little bits to the story to try and give some more information as to where it’s going. There’s more clues than before and a few sentence restructures.

As I said before, I’ve also got the paperback done with the new cover, too! I couldn’t be happier with the schedule I’m managing to keep along with my work. Some days do drag and it’s hard to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys), but I’m reading through the first draft of Kingdomfall as well. Realising that I need to cut out two chapters is a bit of a letdown, but at least I know it now. When I read some of the stuff back I can see that one character’s point of view just isn’t needed. Maybe said character will be something more in the third book? Possibly. We’ll see. I can’t give too much away, can I?

That being said, book three is also coming together in my head. I’m loving the direction it’s taking and there are more plans in between. And with so much time in between book two and three, there may be a couple of books where other characters have their own adventures in Vikinsa. In my mind, it helps flesh out the history and the vastness of the world the characters live in.

I’ve put the links here for you to visit in case you want to buy a copy with the new cover. Enjoy!

The Kingmaker paperback on Amazon.com

The Kingmaker paperback on Amazon.co.uk