State of Kingdomfall

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been working a lot of shifts recently and have found it hard to keep up with my writing and editing of Kingdomfall. But I will let you know where I am on the second book in the series.

So far, I’ve completely cut out two chapters. I found them completely unnecessary and proceeded to buldgeon them from the manuscript. I’ve corrected a lot of sentences and tried to give them the feel I wanted to express and I’ve started work on two chapters to replace the deleted ones. Because of work, this is taking a lot longer than it should. Not only that, it will then have to go off and be proof read for grammar and consistency (hey, if you want to be a beta reader for it let me know), so I can be confident that you’ll enjoy the story without having to look it and think “that doesn’t make any sense.”

I personally think a lot more work has gone into the second book than the first. Or at least it seems that way. It’s taken longer, whether that’s because I’ve had so much more going on at work or the fact that I’m getting married in less than two months, it’s certainly taking longer than the first one did. But I also don’t have professional editors or proof readers. I can’t afford them. I can’t afford to spend money on getting the best editor, or even a mediocre one, to read through my manuscript. There are simply too many outgoings. All the time.

So, unless I get picked up by some big publishing company it’s not happening and I’ll have to do it the time consuming way. I don’t mind that. It gives me time to polish my story. Then again, there are a lot of people who fund their books on indiegogo or other crowd funding pages. Makes me wonder if it isn’t the way to go with getting it edited. I’ve certainly heard of worse ways.

I know, I know. I sound like I’m rambling. But I just thought you deserved an update on where I am with Kingdomfall. The good news is that it adds to the story and drags you deeper into the characters and their motivations. We also get some new characters involved like ‘The Bear’ Samson Ivorson and another highly regarded soldier, Saxon Grey.

I’m trying to get it finished, I really am. I know some of you like the story and want to know more and get on with the next book. But I simply can’t pump them out on an industrial level, unlike some ‘authors’ who basically brand ghost writer’s books.

Here’s a promise I plan to keep: you will see the end of this series. I won’t give up on it, because if I don’t tell their story, who will?