James G. PearsonHi, my name is James G. Pearson, I’m the author of the yet-to-be published Kingmaker Saga. You are on the official blog page for this new fantasy series. Feel free to leave comments and even send me a message. I grew up in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and moved to the South near Bath to finish my Secondary Education. Before you ask, no I don’t have an accent anymore. Sad, I know. I’ve traveled through most of Europe, Australia, Egypt and Thailand. I love the culture of different countries and their history, rich in stories and beliefs. Of course I love history as a whole, medieval history being one of my favourite periods in time. I take a lot of inspiration from events through life, either my own experiences or those of others and couple them with wild ideas that spawn in my manic thought factory known as my brain.

I particularly love attempting to come up with a good villain. What would a hero be  without a nemesis? In there lies the beauty of creating a novel with a hero, there can be a band of heroes or just one and there is always more than one villain. At least, I believe there should be. Heroes face constant trials, not just one at the end. Which leads me to my novel and book series, The Kingmaker Saga.

The Kingmaker is a novel that will be published in the future by writer, James G. Pearson. It will be the first in a trilogy, followed by another two trilogies. The Kingmaker is based in the fictional country of Vikinsa, a country divided into five kingdoms. The land has seen peace and war in it’s time, and peace has largely been kept by a line of warriors known as Kingmakers. Follow the Kingmaker known as Rhyn, as he unravels a conspiracy that is set to plunge not one kingdom, but an entire country into chaos and war.


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  1. It’ll be sold on as many Amazon pages as it can! Well, I hope so anyway. I’ve worked hard on the first book so far. It should be available on Nook and iBooks as well! I’m hoping to extended the reach as far as possible.

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